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The Business

The business started in 1983 in the form of a small family business in Drama. At first the main production was low key, satisfying the needs of the local market.

Over the years the business moved to privately owned facilities in the Industrial Park of Propotsani, expanding its manufacturing to making bedrooms, closets and other home furniture. The faith people placed on us took us to the top.

The ‘SAVVIDIS’ Company continued its upward course. The pioneering design and structure of furniture, the quality of raw materials, but also our great prices, are the main reasons our customers prefer us, and the main characteristics of the modern commercial environment.

More and more the company started branching out providing wholesale to selected exhibitions in the entire Macedonia region and managed to become the top brand in the construction of bedroom furniture.

It acquired clientele and partners all over Greece creating distribution centres in Athens and Salonika. We continue being a Greek company that manufactures innovative furniture always refreshing our range. We want to continue satisfying the needs of the modern market while keeping our excellent prices.